Winter at Tantora Celebrates Eastern and Western Culture as AlUla Embraces a Night of Persian Music

AlUla, Saudi Arabia, In bringing together the best of eastern and western culture, the latest season of Winter at Tantora Festival announces the launch of Persian Music Nights, a two-night event (5th and 6th March) with a selection of Persian musicians.

Seven of the most influential and best-loved Persian musicians will perform during the Persian Music Nights event: Shahram Shabpareh, Leila Forouhar, Ebi, Sasy, Shadmehr Aghili, Andy, and Arash Labaf.

The festival seeks to highlight Persian art and music in AlUla, the land of historical civilisations and ancient trade routes.

This initiative is in line with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's focus on recognizing AlUla as a cradle of diverse civilisations and cultures throughout the ages, and establish the Winter at Tantora Festival as a hub for cultural fusion and a bridge for cultural dialogue, ideas exchange and transmission of culture.

Night of Persian Music will be covered by some of the most significant international, Arab and Persian media, as well as many social media outlets, for all countries and lovers of Persian music to enjoy. The event will take place at Maraya Concert Hall, the largest theatre constructed with mirrors in the world. It represents a modern architectural masterpiece and can accommodate about five-hundred guests and provides a high-quality sound system.

Over the course of 12 weeks, the festival has successfully presented a variety of cultural, entertainment and artistic activities that celebrate Eastern and Western culture.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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