Jazan, 14 April 2019, SPA-- Eng. Abdulrahman AlFadhley , Minister of Environment Water and Agriculture launched here yesterday the first phase of Agriculture Terraces Rehabilitation and Rainwater Harvesting Techniques Implementation Initiative in South West of the Kingdom.
During the launching ceremony, presentations and keynotes were delivered and highlighted the prefatory phase of the initiative that was carried out by Cooperative Societies Council in Jazan, Asir, and Taif which included erecting and renovating concrete rainwater reservoirs, facilitating irrigation systems and providing farmers with plants that are familiar to the regions such as coffee, flowering shrubs, banana and members plants of prunus genus.
In an inspection tour, the minister opened an exhibition that showcases the projects carried out by Jazan water services department costing almost 40 million riyals in Fefa Governorate for water supply networks, water reservoirs and pumping stations in addition to completed projects and projects under construction with a total amount of 250 million riyals for water services in alEdabi Governorate, east of Jazan Region.
The minister also inspected a 1.6 million square meter airfield designated for aerial application in Sabya Governorate.
14:34 LOCAL TIME 11:34 GMT

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