The Eastern Health Affairs, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic to date, has paid more than 16,000 inspection visits to the health facilities in the region. The visits aim to ensure that all health sectors are abiding by the updated treatment protocols and preventive measures such as: wearing face mask and practicing social distancing, as well as provision of visual triage points and pharmacies to check on the availability of masks and sanitizers. As a result, 5 facilities have been closed and 25 violations for not wearing face mask.

According to the Affairs, 4,999 visits were made to hospitals, 3,400 to public medical complexes, 2,620 to private medical complexes, 607 to cardiac and dialysis centers, and 5,000 visits to the pharmaceutical facility sector.

It is to be noted that the Affairs supervises 25 private hospitals, 357 public and private medical complexes, 639 pharmacies, 187 optic centers, 15 physiotherapy centers, and 20 support medical services centers.

Source: Ministry of Health

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