A total of 13,007 movements were observed between the 15th and 31st of October, 2022, representing a similar trend to 2021 when 14,207 movements were observed during the same period. Regional differences were observed. If compared with October 2021, Elayo (90%), Dhobley (31%) and Harirad (14%) FMPs recorded an increase in movements; while Cabudwaaq (-86%), Lowyacado (-36%), Buuhoodle (-13%), Doolow (-11%) and Bossasso (-5%) FMPs observed a decrease. Buuhoodle (30%), Dhobley (26%) and Doolow (23%) FMPs recorded the highest numbers of incoming flows, while Bossaso (36%), Doolow (39%) and Elayo (13%) recorded the highest numbers of outgoing flows.

Source: International Organization for Migration

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