• US Stocks Slide on Saudi Arabia, Italy Concerns

    NEW YORK U.S. stocks fell more than 1 percent on Thursday as the European Commission issued a warning regarding Italy's budget and concerns mounted about the possibility of strained relations between the United States and

    Saudi Arabia.

    S and P …

  • Mnuchin Pulls US Out of Saudi Investment Conference

    U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin has pulled out of an investment conference next week in Saudi Arabia, as Riyadh continues to face questions about its involvement in the disappearance and alleged killing of a U.S.-based Saudi journalist in Turkey.

    Mnuchin …

  • Over 20,000 People Newly Displaced in Northern Yemen

    CAIRO An international relief agency says that a new wave of displaced persons has hit a northern Yemeni city after fighting surged between forces backed by the Saudi-led coalition and rival Houthi rebels.

    Doctors Without Borders also said Wednesday that …

  • US Says Committed to Syria, Iraq Beyond Anti-IS Efforts

    WASHINGTON U.S. officials said Tuesday they will keep working to stabilize areas they helped liberate from Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

    With IS's so-called caliphate crumbled, the U.S. and its allies now seek long-term solutions for the region, emphasizing …

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