• Mystery over charred corpse hung from Paris rail line

    PARIS — French police were left baffled Wednesday following the discovery of a charred corpse hanging from a railway cable above tracks in Paris. Detectives were at a loss to explain how the unidentifiable corpse could have got to where …

  • Dress in white for Psy, rapper tells fans

    SEOUL — South Korean rapper Psy wants his fans to turn up in white at his April concert where he will launch a new song that he hopes will cement the success of his “Gangnam Style” Youtube hit. …

  • Russia preserves snow for 2014 Winter Olympics

    SOCHI — The host of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games is putting fears over its readiness on ice. Literally. Officials in Sochi, Russia announced they are storing roughly 118,877,424 gallons of snow in preparation for the games.

    That’s …

  • World’s biggest creature tracked by its song

    SYDNEY — An Australian-led group of scientists has for the first time tracked down and tagged Antarctic blue whales by using acoustic technology to follow their songs, the government said Wednesday.

    The blue whale, the largest animal on …

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