• ` Officials say France will not act alone in Syria

    PARIS, Shawwal 26, 1434, Sep 2, 2013, SPA — Senior members of France’s ruling party rebuffed opposition calls for a parliamentary debate on whether to take military action against Syria, saying on Monday lawmakers should respect the president’s constitutional right …

  • U.N. Says 5 Million Displaced Inside Syria

    United Nations, Shawwal 26, 1434, Sep 2, 2013, SPA — Five million Syrians have been displaced inside the country, a top U.N. official said Monday, noting that international aid to Syrians uprooted by civil war is a ‚Äúdrop in the …

  • Vodafone: British mobile giant

    London, Shawwal 26, 1434, Sep 2, 2013, SPA — Vodafone is the world’s second-largest mobile phone operator in terms of customers and revenue after China Mobile, reported the dpa. Last year, the company, based in Newbury, Britain, earned 429 million …

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