• Predicting Turkey’s next move in Syria

    For Ankara, nothing is worse than a Kurdish corridor along Turkey's frontier with Syria.

    With the Turkish army targeting Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG) fighters in northern Syria while the Royal Saudi Air Force deploys fighter jets to Turkey's Incirlik …

  • US Urges Restraint from Turkey, Kurdish Militia Near Aleppo

    The U.S. State Department voiced fresh concern Saturday over reports of Turkish military strikes on Kurdish militia in northern Syria, urging both Turkey and Syrian Kurds to exercise restraint as tensions approach the breaking point in the troubled region.

    Spokesman …

  • Iran Calls for Better Relations with Rival Saudi Arabia

    Envoys from Iran and Saudi Arabia took part in peace talks in Germany this week to try to resolve the Syrian conflict, which produced a rare public attempt to bridge the two rivals' deep differences.

    Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad …

  • Egypt edges toward wheat supply crisis as traders boycott tender

    Rattled by stringent new import rules, Egypt's wheat suppliers boycotted en masse a state tender on Tuesday, pushing the world's biggest purchaser of the commodity towards a crisis that could threaten its strategic grain reserves.

    Wheat supplies, critical to a …

  • How the production cut hopes affect WTI Crude Oil?

    The heightened fears over the excessive oversupply of oil in the markets have created an explosively volatile environment which continues to allow ongoing expectations of possible production cuts to translate into speculative boosts in the oil price.

    During trading on …

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