Riyadh, British boxer Anthony Joshua has visited Misk schools, which aim to use real-world experiential learning to help students learn through an extensive range of project- and field-based experiences, enabling them to understand the relevance of their education to the world beyond the classroom.

Joshua spoke with the students about the culture of sport and the importance of maintaining physical health, and the role that boxing plays in that.

He then continued to talk about his prominent fights and exercises and then concluded his visit by signing and taking memorial photos with students.

In a press statement after the visit, Joshua talked about the importance of mental processing: "This is different now. This is a different arena, a different country, and a different experience. The ritual I followed in England can't work here. That's why I'm coming to this school to connect with the people", adding that he is looking at the preparation for this fight in a new and different way.

Meanwhile, Mexican-American boxer Andy Ruiz Jr. has visited the Disabled Children's Association and the Charity Committee for Orphans Care in Riyadh.

The heavyweight-boxing champion began a visit to the Disabled Children's Association, one of the largest disabled children's rehabilitation institutions in the Arab region, where he took time to engage with disabled children by giving away backpacks containing goodies and autographed merchandise. He also offered words of encouragement and took pictures with the children.

After that, Ruiz paid a visit to the Charity Committee for Orphans Care, where he talked with the children and gave words of encouragement and inspiration to children growing up without families, and the importance of boxing in strengthening the mind before the body.

In a brief statement about these visits, Ruiz said that he was delighted, as this means a lot to him because he believes that this is the real role of the celebrity athletes, meeting these groups and helping them overcome the difficulties in this life. He also said that he is thrilled these days to be in the Kingdom, where everyone is happy to be with him, and how he feels welcomed by everyone everywhere. In the end, he said he was grateful for this visit, and it will last forever in his mind.

British boxers Anthony Joshua and his Mexican-American opponent Andy Ruiz Jr. are preparing to take part in "Clash on the Dunes" the first world heavyweight title fight to be hosted in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, set for December 7th at the Diriyah Arena in Riyadh as part of the Diriyah Season, which is sponsored by the Public Investment Fund (PIF).

Source: Saudi Press Agency

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