• 2 tourists, Egyptian driver killed in accident

    LUXOR, Egypt — An Egyptian security official says two Argentinian tourists and their Egyptian driver have been killed in a road accident near the ancient city of Aswan in southern Egypt.

    The official says two other tourists were injured in t…

  • I turned down rival network’s offer: Angelica

    MANILA — Filipino actress Angelica Panganiban was once offered to leave ABS-CBN after more than a decade of being an exclusive talent of the television network.

    In an interview with the entertainment magazine StarStudio, the 26-year-old ac…

  • Video uncovers secrets of elusive jumbo squids

    Megan Gannon

    To see firsthand how an elusive species of jumbo squid lives, scientists have strapped video cameras to the carnivorous sea creature in the eastern Pacific.

    They are capable of amazing bursts of speed, up to nearly 45 mph (72 km/h); th…

  • Canadian judge jails juror over tardiness

    OTTAWA — A Canadian judge jailed a tardy juror for delaying a rape trial this week, media reported on Thursday.

    Fed up with her dawdling, Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Gerald Chartier reportedly discharged the woman known only as …