• Palestinians, Israeli soldiers clash in Nablus

    Mohammed Mar’i
    Saudi Gazette

    RAMALLAH – Dozens of Palestinian youths on Tuesday clashed with Israeli forces in the West Bank city of Nablus, Palestinian and Israeli security forces said.

    The Palestinian sources said that the clashes broke out as more …

  • Jordan hospitals still not completely paid but now treating Libyans

    Callum Paton

    AMMAN – The chairman of Jordan’s Private Hospitals Association has said he is saddened that Libyan officials have not thanked Jordan’s health care providers since the Arab kingdom treated some 80,000 patients in the aftermath of the revolution. …

  • Lebanese troops deploy in Hezbollah stronghold

    Lebanese soldiers man a checkpoint in the southern suburb of the capital Beirut. Lebanese troops are to take over security at checkpoints set up by the Hezbollah movement in their southern Beirut stronghold after two bombings, the Interior Minister said. …

  • Former grand mufti heckled by Brotherhood juniors on campus

    CAIRO – A prominent Islamic cleric was taunted on Campus at Cairo University by Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers, as polarisation continues following the downfall of the country’s Islamist leader Mohamed Morsi on July 3.

    TV footage showed hundreds of students at …

  • Hamas seeks to avoid Egypt clash

    GAZA CITY – The Hamas rulers of Gaza, where an Israeli blockade worsened after a friendly government in Cairo was overthrown, is doing all it can to avoid a confrontation with Egypt’s army, experts say.

    In July, an army coup …

  • Yemen hopes donors will fulfill aid pledges

    SANA’A – Yemen hopes that donor countries that meet this week will honor their pledges of $7.8 billion to the country, of which nearly a quarter has been paid, the international cooperation minister said Tuesday.

    The country’s delegation to a …

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