In cooperation with the branch of the Institute of Public Administration for Women in the Eastern Province
Asharqia Chamber organizes a workshop on creative thinking skills
Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Business Women Center, in cooperation with the Institute of Public Administration for Women in Eastern Province on Wednesday, October 28, 2020 AD, organized a remote workshop entitled “Creative thinking skills”, presented by the Director of the Department of Trainees Affairs at the Institute, Abrar Al-Farhan, in the presence of a large number of pioneers And women entrepreneurs in the eastern region.
Al-Farhan said that thinking is the primary stage of creativity and that it is like a mental process and one of the tools that are used to achieve creativity. Thinking is a holistic, multi-faceted process aimed at creating a new idea of benefit, pointing out that the creative capacity of individuals differs from one individual to another, and it is wrong that We judge everyone by one scale.
Al-Farhan indicated that the most important characteristic of a creative person is his curiosity and not easily giving in, and he always looks at problems optimistic, unconventional, and flexible in his dealing with the ideas of others, as well as a sensitive person who enjoys challenges, humor, and imagination.
She explained that creative thinking is by changing the direction of ideas, flexibility, monitoring of details, fluency in expression, and originality, indicating that the creative process according to the West model is by identifying the need, then ideas, then application and persistence.
Regarding the tools of the creative process, Al-Farhan said, there is brainstorming, which is achieved by obtaining the largest number of ideas and finding effective questions. Creativity asks: Why? Why not ?, and thinking upside down, i.e. thinking opposite to the idea or opinion presented and finally the Skumber method for development, noting that thinking enhances our ambitions by enriching our innovative ideas. We will easily reach new horizons, share information, and communicate with people around the world.
Al-Farhan identified about 12 steps in order for the individual to become creative, such as for the individual to write what is in his mind, to surround himself with creative people, to be keen to develop a spirit of cooperation with others inside him, to be open to the world and to make his notebook with him wherever he goes, and to accept notes and criticisms He gets used to going to new places, knowing that his mistakes are to learn from them, and not to pressure himself and not try to imitate people and to put a list of tasks and finish his tasks.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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