Asharqia Chamber organizes a business sector meeting with His Excellency the Chairman of the Capital Market Authority
Asharqia Chamber is organizing a meeting for the business sector with His Excellency, Chairman of the Board of the Financial Market Authority, Mohammed bin Abdullah Al-Quweiz, on Tuesday 27 October 2020.
The meeting, which is held remotely via (zoom) platform at 7.30 pm, talks about the importance, benefits, and requirements of listing and misconceptions about it, the parallel market “Nomu” and direct listing, in addition to the governance and disclosure of listed companies, and the most prominent changes in the financial market in the coming period.
The meeting also reviews the steps taken by the authority to develop the market and move it from the local to the global, in addition to enhancing disclosure and transparency, providing options for investors more, and the new paths that aim to provide additional options for financing and reduce the cost of financing for companies, and work to remove some obstacles that stand in front of some Companies during its offering, as they were facing several challenges from some of the organizations associated with them, which prevent them from being able to list.
The meeting will discuss many important axes related to the importance of the market and the great benefits that companies will benefit from from the listing process, especially with regard to the governance of their procedures and financing services, in addition to the requirements of the market, leading to the shortening of a number of procedures and requirements for companies before they are offered for public subscription in the financial market.
Asharqia Chamber invites the business sector in the Eastern Province to join the meeting to benefit from the dialogues and discussions that will be raised during it, and also to enrich the meeting with targeted discussions that will deliver a direct message to the business sector about the updates taking place and the importance of ideas and initiatives that contribute to developing market performance in a way that serves national development.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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