During a remote workshop, with the participation of representatives from several government agencies,
Asharqia Chamber highlights labor accommodation, its current challenge, and proposed solutions

Asharqia Chamber shed light on the challenges facing labor housing, and the administrative and organizational procedures necessary to improve and develop labor housing in line with safety requirements in accordance with the best international standards, during a remote workshop, which came under the title (labor housing – current challenges and common solutions), and participated by representatives From several government agencies, and the head of the Asharqia Chamber, Mr. Abdul Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khaldi, and several businessmen from the region, attended the day before yesterday, Thursday 11 June 2020, which was managed by the head of the Chamber’s commercial committee, Mr. Hani bin Hassan Al-Afaliq.
The Secretary-General of the Ministerial Committee for Organizing Labor Housing, Dr. Ahmed bin Jamil Qattan, said that there is a political and executive will to bring about a comprehensive development of labor housing, and that the committee is supportive and supportive of facilities until access to employment housing that meets all the requirements of safety and the environment required, pointing out that leadership has formed By supreme order, a committee whose mission is to organize workers ’housing in the Kingdom is chaired by His Excellency the Minister of Municipal and Rural Affairs, and it includes more than one government agency, and has worked to take several quick measures regarding the Coronavirus to reduce its spread among workers, and other measures that take into account the long-term development and organization of worker housing On the issuance of a regulation pertaining to labor housing licenses, and that the new license will be (a labor housing license), as well as allocating land and offering it to local investors to build housing units for workers.
Al-Qattan stressed that the issue of workers housing within the urban space was studied and all the perceptions about it were taken to come out with the best formula for it, in line with safety and environmental procedures and providing a decent life for the worker, noting that there are procedures related to the pandemic with what it represents in an emergency, such as working isolation rooms inside Employment housing and employment examination twice a week and other procedures that the committee followed until the rate of growth of HIV infections among employment has decreased significantly, and there are other sustainable provide the organization and full protection for foreign workers, which will come in the form of spatial and technical requirements to be announced in the near future.
Al-Qattan pointed out that the ministry provided medium-term solutions to support the owners of enterprises, especially in the contracting sector, to overcome the challenges of housing for labor by allowing housing within the project to keep pace with the requirements, stressing that the Ministry of Municipal will not take sudden decisions that harm the owners of enterprises, but will give the owners of the time Sufficient to adjust their conditions in line with the requirements that will not differ greatly from the previous, pointing out that the visions of the Ministry are to organize what is already in place and open the way for investment in new housing units for workers that meet all safety requirements.
For this part, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development for Labor Affairs, Abdul Majeed bin Mohammed Al-Rashoudi, said that the employment housing file is one of the files that has received a high priority within the quality of life program in light of the Kingdom’s 2030 vision programs and that the Corona pandemic played a role in accelerating the pace of work on this The file and tackling all its challenges, pointing out that creating an appropriate environment for workers’ housing represents an attractive factor for employment in light of the objectives of the investment vision.
Al-Rashoudi pointed out to the initiative to prove housing for employment, saying that it is a national initiative that will be the way to reach a suitable housing environment for workers and that it was launched in light of the pandemic conditions, and keep pace with the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the state to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, as it is a first stage that will be followed by stages Others, in order to achieve an adequate employment housing compatible with public health requirements.
On this part, the deputy general manager for the commissioning of industrial cities, Eng. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Shathri, said that the Saudi Commission for Industrial Estates and Technology Zones “MODON” had made great efforts since its establishment in organizing residential areas for migrant workers in industrial cities, and during the Corona pandemic the experience of “MODON” emerged. Successful in creating a suitable housing environment through housing complexes for workers with high specifications and compatible with health and safety requirements, noting that “MODON” considered that the workers ’housing areas enjoy all the specifications and planning and construction standards that provide a safe and full-service residential environment, pointing to the importance of participatory work Between “cities” and employers and operators of residential complexes to raise the level of compliance with the relevant regulations and procedures in workers’ housing.
With regard to the Corona crisis, Al-Shathri pointed that the Commission and to address the challenges recently launched an initiative to housing workers temporarily inside the plant according to a set of requirements and preventive health controls, and work underway on the development of regulations housing employment in the industrial cities and provide housing solutions with high quality in partnership with the private sector.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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