Asharqia Chamber and “Zakat and Income Tax” organize a workshop on dealing with the tax increase
Asharqia Chamber, in cooperation with the General Authority of Zakat and Income, on Wednesday evening 6/17/2020 corresponding to 10/25/1441, is organizing a workshop on “Transitional Provisions to Increase the Basic Value Added Tax to 15%” which aims to provide a comprehensive overview of how to deal with contracts and invoices exported tax and imported shipments.
Speaking during the workshop, which is held at nine o’clock at night, and transmitted directly through one of the social media applications, Advisor to the Deputy Governor of the Authority for Operations / Professor Hammoud bin Abdullah Al-Harbi, to show all developments and mechanisms for applying the tax after the new increase. The meeting will be moderated by the Chairman of the Chamber’s Commercial Committee, professor Hani bin Hassan Al-Afali.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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