Aims to rehabilitate 30 young people to invest in the industrial field

Asharqia Chamber and SABIC launch the second phase of the qualifying program (Nasnae)

Asharqia Chamber in partnership with the second phase of SABIC from the qualifying program (Nasnae) organized part of its efforts to support the business young sector, with headquarters President of the Chamber, where it began to receive participation from young investors in the industrial sector in order to help young investors in the establishment of small and medium-sized industrial projects applications Through a package of training programs ended the establishment of factories for graduates of the program.

On the program, The Chairman of the Board of the Asharqia Chamber Abdul-Hakim bin Hamad Al Amar Khalidi said that the program, which provides for three months to kick off in its second phase, pointing out that the students admitted to the program will undergo hours of training at the hands of a training professional staff qualified owners, qualified and experienced to carry out training programs professional, experts industrial investment in the Kingdom of the environment, and have the capacity and potential follow-up program graduates and provide them with the necessary advice and guidance after the beginning of the project during the work phase, indicating that the trainee during the training period is subject to 200 hours of training.

He also stressed that the Chamber in an effort to promote a culture of entrepreneurship, designed this program with the aim of youth rehabilitation wishing to work in the field of industrial, noting that the program targets the graduation of 30 young people have the ability and competence to establish small and medium-sized factories in an orderly and professional, as providing them with the program with the skills of technical, administrative and information necessary, as the program covers the administrative, marketing, financial and legal aspects of the feasibility study, and gets each participant meets the requirements to pass the certificate of the training period.

Al-Khaldi pointed out that the program will provide multiple services during the meeting, which will review the establishment and financing services, pointing out that the trainee at the end of the program is granted a professional certificate to qualify the industrial investor and be among those eligible for support from the program "Nsand" in SABIC to build its own factory.

It is noteworthy that the conditions for applying for registration in the program must be a Saudi national and have a high school diploma as a minimum and priority for engineering disciplines, and has a serious desire to establish an industrial project and commitment to manage and devote to it, also requires that those who have the idea and plan for a viable industrial project and able to provide a new job opportunities.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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