Asharqia Chamber, in partnership with the Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC), held on Sunday and Monday (5 and 6 January 2020) direct meetings with applicants to join the "Nesnaa" program, which aims to help young investors in establishing their small and medium-sized industrial projects, at the headquarters of the Chamber in Dammam.

The committee concerned with these interviews focused on a number of criteria, the most prominent of which are: possessing the characteristics of a successful entrepreneur, scientific or professional knowledge in the field, practical experience in the field, the strategic goals of the project, and the project's impact on the economy from several sides, including localization of products, export opportunities, and meeting market needs And what it involves in terms of creativity and innovation, in addition to the compatibility of the project with the directions of the Kingdom's 2030 vision.

The program comes within the efforts of the Asharqia Chamber and SABIC to support the young business sector, with the aim of helping young investors establish their small and medium-sized industrial projects through a package of training programs ending with the establishment of factories for program graduates, and those admitted during the training period are subject to 200 training hours, by professional training staff Of those with competence, qualified and experienced to implement professional training programs, and experts in the industrial investment environment in the Kingdom, and have the ability and capabilities to follow up on the program graduates and provide them with the necessary advice and advice after the beginning of the project and during the course of Work suit.

The program provides multiple services during its convening, during which it reviews the establishment and financing services, and at the end of the program, the trainee is granted a professional certificate to qualify the industrial investor and is among those who are eligible to receive support from the "Support" program at SABIC to build his own factory.

The Chamber had held, within the plans of introducing the program, several introductory lectures targeting those wishing to start their industrial projects to provide them with the services provided by the program, explaining the participation mechanism and the main axes of the program such as types of accounting and accounting records, the balance of audit and the accounts manual in small enterprises, financial indicators to measure the profitability of projects and the classification of assets Preparing financial statements, in addition to legal aspects, licensing and drafting procedures, purchasing and marketing systems, sales, and human resources.

The conditions apply for registration in the program that the applicant Saudi nationality and hold a high school diploma as a minimum, and the priority of the disciplines of engineering, and has a serious desire to set up an industrial project and commitment to its management and full-time for him, as required to be those who have an idea and a plan for the industrial project viable and capable of providing new job opportunities.

It is worth noting that the Chamber, in an effort to spread the culture of self-employment, designed this program with the aim of qualifying young people who want to work in the industrial field, targeting a number of young people who have the ability and competence to establish small and medium factories in an organized and professional manner. The program also provides them with technical and administrative skills and the necessary information and covers Administrative, marketing, financial and legal aspects, and the feasibility study, and each participant who meets the conditions gets a certificate to pass the training period.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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