Arab Parliament Condemns Terrorist Houthi Militia’s Attack on Khamis Mushait

Cairo, The Arab Parliament today expressed condemnation of the attack by the terrorist Houthi militia towards Khamis Mushait in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through launching two UAV’s, praising, at the same time, the efficiency and high level of alert of Saudi air defense forces that succeeded in foiling this Houthi hostile attack.
In a statement issued today, the Arab Parliament highlighted the importance of fast and decisive international action to stop the escalations of the terrorist Houthi militia and its recurrent targeting of civilians and residents of the city, which reflects a flagrant defiance to the international community and its continuous underestimation of all international laws and norms, in addition to its permanent undermining of regional security and stability in implementation of the Iranian subversive acts.
The Arab Parliament also renewed its solidarity and full support to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in dealing with these terrorist attacks and joining the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in facing all threats that target its security and stability, and supporting it in all procedures that can preserve its security and stability and the safety of territories, citizens and residents, stressing that any threat to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is a threat to the entire Arab national security.


Source: Saudi Press Agency

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