AlUla Hosts International Endurance Cup with Global Participation

ALULA — The International Endurance Cup, branded as “Two Stars," is set to commence tomorrow, Saturday, at the Al-Fursan village fields in AlUla.

According to Saudi Press Agency, the event is organized under their guidance and supervised by the Saudi Equestrian Federation. A notable participation of 182 riders, both women and men, is confirmed for the competition which will unfold in four stages, covering a total distance of 120 kilometers. The race is structured with the first and third stages marked in red, each stretching over 32.7 kilometers, and the second and fourth stages marked in yellow, each being 27.3 kilometers.

Concurrently, the “Najma," a 100 km race, will also take place in four segments, with similar distances for the respective red and yellow stages, followed by two blue stages, each of 20 km. Additionally, the 80 km “local” race will span three stages, and a 40 km “local” race will comprise two 20 km stages.