Asharqia Chamber is organizing a workshop to introduce Jadeer services to small and medium enterprises

Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Small and Medium Enterprises Center, in cooperation with remote facilities, on Sunday, April 11, 2021, held a workshop to introduce Jadeer services to small and medium enterprises.

Nayef Al-Arifi, Director of Supply Chain Services, talked during the workshop about Jadeer Service, as he defined it as an electronic service that works to rehabilitate and empower small and medium-sized enterprises, by linking them to the purchasing opportunities of the public and private sectors, indicating that the service aims to quickly reach small and medium-sized enterprises with opportunities. Knowing the capabilities and activities of establishments to analyze them, assisting unqualified establishments in identifying and addressing their obstacles, and increasing local content by linking small and medium enterprises with large enterprises, as well as internal and external marketing of their capabilities.

Al-Arifi stressed the importance of technical qualification through a worthy work in raising technical competence with the participation of those with expertise, in addition to developing and raising competencies through performance management and evaluation, use of support services, and cooperation with the supporting authorities, in addition to reaching markets, bringing in the target audience and building communication relationships with them.

Al-Arifi said that the business sector is one of the entrepreneurs who represent the small and medium-sized enterprises sector, who are distinguished by innovative ideas and high aspirations through which they can develop their business and update the market language, pointing out that Jabir’s services came to transfer their business to the new year that they wish to work in, but in a way of work and an organized mechanism. It guarantees stability and provides the best for them and their business.​


Source: Asharqia Chamber

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