Al-Otaishan: Passion and challenge paved my way to owning one of the largest transportation fleets in the Kingdom

​He reviewed his experience in a meeting organized by the Asharqia Chamber​

Al-Otaishan: Passion and challenge paved my way to owning one of the largest transportation fleets in the Kingdom​​

The Businessman Abdul-Rahman bin Saleh Al-Otaishan, former Chairman of the Asharqia Chamber, stressed the importance of the entrepreneur being an entrepreneur and passionate in his work and full of determination so that he can advance distinctive steps through which to start his business.​

Al-Otaishan explained during my experience program, which was organized remotely by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the Young Businessmen Council on the evening of Sunday, May 2, 2021, that his beginnings were not easy, as he began his career as a truck driver and lasted for three years, touring the cities of the Kingdom and villages as well as some Gulf countries, noting that it is a unique experience from which he learns patience and struggles as he formed through it many relationships.

Al-Otaishan pointed out that the entrepreneur must be an initiator and also a developer of his tools so that he can keep pace with developments around him and what is happening in the world in terms of progress, pointing out that his beginnings despite their difficulties, but he was able to move from one stage to another by developing his capabilities and tools where he was able after his work For three years, the truck had to collect money that he could not invest in himself, as he moved to study in the United States of America in the seventies AD, and from that trip, he learned English and studied management science.

Al-Otaishan said that despite the development that occurred to him after moving to study in America, he preferred to return to the Kingdom to start his commercial project in the transportation sector, and actually he was able to establish the project until he had a fleet of trucks and he had started with one at the beginning of his life.

Speaking about his personal experience, Al-Ataishan presented ​​advice to business leaders and entrepreneurs, the most prominent of which were: the need to be patient and strive hard and accept any work, especially if they are at the beginning of their career, regardless of circumstances and financial returns, to gain experience and experience, and then he can search for A better alternative, and at this time he was able to develop his potential and polish his talents.

Al-Otaishan said that the world of finance and business is full of attractive and appropriate opportunities, especially in the Kingdom, as it is characterized by various cities and locations that have a comparative advantage, whether in the eastern or western regions or the south and north, indicating that Saudi Arabia has been endowed by God Almighty with natural resources and wealth in many sectors, beginning with the mineral sector or sectors. Other livestock, vegetables and fruits, and young entrepreneurs should understand this and seize the golden opportunities that exist in it.

Al-Otaishan stated during the program that work should not stop, as a person should work permanently, even if this is a financial loss or a loss in time because the experience in itself is a benefit and a new lesson that he learns to be strong with time and gain experience and fruitful relationships in the business sector, indicating Decisions are sometimes difficult, but a person should not regret any decision he makes.

Al-Otaishan concluded his speech that the entrepreneur is distinguished by passion and this is what distinguished him personally as he always preferred to work on a private project in it, and did not work under the management of another person, and this is what he discovered when he worked under the management of one of his relatives, and he said work should not be confused with family relations, work is his His own field and family have another place away from the field of work.​


Source: Asharqia Chamber

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