Minister of Public Health Firas Abiad, wrote via his personal Twitter account the following: “An Omicron wave that started three weeks ago in Lebanon is turning into a tsunami. The situation in hospitals and ICUs remains stable, capacity is being boosted. On another front, shortages in medications, particularly for cancer, and milk has worsened lately. Why, and what next?

The process for granting pre-approvals for BDL subsidization to importers was overhauled and is now partially digital. The temporary downtime, coupled with holidays when international companies stop receiving orders, resulted in an inevitable delay in shipments.

Things now are back on track. Next week, vey large quantities of milk will be delivered to pharmacies. Medications for cancer and chronic illness are also on the way, and will arrive soon. With the new process, shortages may still occur, but will be at a minimum.

Everyone at the Ministry of Public Health is working hard to insure the availability of the needed milk and medications, despite severe scarcity of resources. This is not an excuse, but a fact. Delays rightfully upset people. Yet, time is better spent working, not talking, to make things better.”


Source: National News Agency

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