The meeting gathering the Chairman and members of the Board of Directors with the heads of councils and committees
A consultative meeting of the Chamber’s councils and committees stresses the importance of electronic transformation and supporting the business sector with studies after the Corona pandemic
The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Asharqia Chamber, Abdul-Hakim bin Hamad Al-Ammar Al-Khaldi, during a consultative meeting “from a distance” held with the heads of the committees, business councils and executive councils of the Chamber, yesterday evening Wednesday, July 8, 2020, on the distinguished interactive performance presented by the Asharqia Chamber represented by the board of directors, executive councils, committees and business councils The General Secretariat, the initiatives that were presented and the activities, activities, and programs that it implemented served the business sector in the eastern region in particular and the Kingdom in general during the Corona pandemic.
Al-Khalidi said during the meeting that witnessed the wide participation of the members of the Board of Directors that the past period witnessed major changes and transformations in the economic sector as a result of the pandemic, which required from everybody work and double effort to accommodate these changes and reformulate plans and paths according to the goals and requirements of the new stage, stressing that the business committees and councils the branches and the executive councils were responsible and continued their work at an accelerated pace and a great effort to keep pace with the effects of the pandemic and provide advisory services and initiatives that serve the business sector and put a road map for it to safety.
Al-Khaldi pointed out to the initiatives of the state, that helped the business sector to face the economic repercussions and preserve its gains, and continue to contribute to national development, while preserving the national cadres and competencies in various specialties, appreciating the performance of the Asharqia Chamber’s board of directors and its support to the business committees and enabling it to deal with changes and work to complete the process of developing the business sector and overcoming the obstacles and challenges facing it, as it formed a full team called cooperation and creativity, in serving the private sector and strengthening its position in the development map.

Al-Khaldi stressed that the Chamber continues to play its role in serving the private sector, achieving its requirements, adopting its initiatives and enhancing its contributions to the national economy in a manner commensurate with the new economic trends, stressing that the coming period is still sensitive and has many changes and everyone should be prepared for it pointing to the distinguished results achieved this pandemic, which came in line with the aspirations of the participants, was a natural result of the efforts made by the committees, branch boards and executive councils, including proposals, ideas, and the interaction and cooperation shown by the initiatives launched by the Board of Directors. Whereas, the business committees and the executive councils are the beating heart of the chamber and are distinguished by its proximity to the business sector and therefore it knows the challenges it faces and the aspirations it seeks,
The participants stressed in their meeting with the Chairman of the Board and members of the Council the need to join efforts to face obstacles and challenges facing the private sector at the present time and to intensify quality programs and activities with a view to discussing what is emerging and clarifying the new business sector, stressing that the crisis is still ongoing and needs continuous support for the business sector, especially the enterprise sector Small and medium-sized enterprises to absorb this crisis and can come out with the least losses and the best solutions, hoping to achieve more successes and praising the existing cooperation between the Chamber and the relevant government agencies, and the price of the participants in the meeting with the fruitful cooperation provided by the Asharqia Chamber and the continuous support of the business sector and initiatives during the pandemic.
The meeting came out with a number of recommendations and ideas, the most important of which was the adoption of periodic meetings remotely to discuss economic developments first hand, and emphasizing the great technological development that accompanied the pandemic as it became an important means to continue the work of the business sector and the need to continue in this field and keep pace with the challenges of the continuous development of technology, and the continued support of committees The boards of branches and executive boards of research, studies and information that benefit the business sector, and inventory of ideas, experiences, and practices that took place during the pandemic in the various sectors for the benefit of all.

Source: Asharqia Chamber

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