• SAMA’s decision on repo and reverse repo rates

    SAMA’s decision on repo and reverse repo rates

    الأربعاء 1440/11/28 هـ الموافق 2019/07/31 م واس

    Riyadh, July 31, 2019, SPA — SAMA has decided to lower its repo rate from 300 basis points to 275 basis points, and its reverse
  • Bahrain Bourse Rises

    Manama, July 31, 2019, SPA — Bahrain All Share Index has closed at 1,547.68 points marking an increase of 1.46 points above the previous closing.
    This increase was due to the rise in the Commercial Banks Sector, Insurance Sector, Services Sector …

  • Indian Economic Delegation Visits Asharqia Chamber

    Dammam, July 31, 2019, SPA — An economic delegation from the Republic of India, representing National Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency (Invest India), visited yesterday the headquarters of Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Asharqia Chamber) in Dammam.
    The delegation included …

  • Amman Bourse Falls

    Amman Bourse Falls

    الأربعاء 1440/11/28 هـ الموافق 2019/07/31 م واس

    Amman, July 31, 2019, SPA — Amman Stock Exchange (ASE) Wednesday opened trading with a drop to 1,874 points compared to 1,879 points of last session closure.
    During the first
  • شركة البلوكتشين الناشئة بلفريكس تستعد لأول جولة تمويل لها

    كوالالمبور، ماليزيا، 31 تموز/يوليو، 2019 / بي آر نيوزواير / — تستعد شركة بلفريكس، وهي شركة بلوكتشين ناشئة وشبكة عالمية من مؤشرات الأرصدة الرقمية وحلول بلوكتشين المعتمدة، لجمع مبلغ 30 مليون دولار من خلال جولتها التمويلية الأولى. وبعد أن نشرت

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