Baghdad, The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the registration of 18 new infections and 3 deaths of people of Iraqi communities in the world.

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Al-Sahaf said in a press statement that 3 deaths were recorded for the people of Iraqi communities with the Corona virus, one in Britain, the second in Denmark and the third in Sweden, 18 cases of infections, 7 of them in Denmark, 6 in France, and 3 in Canada, and one in both the United Arab Emirates and Sweden. “

He explained that the total number in the whole world is 195 cases distributed as follows:
United States of America 40
Norway 37
Sweden 23
Belgium 11
Jordan 12
Canada 16
Italy 7
Britain 5
Austria 5
Lebanon 2
Netherlands 5
– Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 3
Denmark 10
Finland 1
France 6

He pointed out that 13 deaths were distributed worldwide:
Sweden 3
Britain 6
Netherlands 1
Germany 1
Belgium 1
Denmark 1

He added that there are 25 cases of recovery worldwide:
Canada 4
Iran 1
Jordan 6
Austria 4
Saudi Arabia 1
Sweden 9

He stressed: “Our Embassies in these countries make every effort to follow up the conditions of the injured and to provide medical care.”

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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