Basra, The Supreme Committee of the First International Electronic Festival for Puppet Theater held by the Department of Art Education at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Basra “announced that 17 countries will participate in the activities of the festival, which will start on the first of next June via the Internet.

The director and founder of the festival, member of the Supreme Committee, Dr. Saif Al-Din Abdel-Wadood Al-Hamdani, said in a statement to NINA, so far approximately 40 works have been received for the first international online festival for Puppet from Arab and foreign countries in addition to the host country Iraq, in which Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Italy, Egypt, Algeria, Tunisia, Palestine, Brazil, Singapore, Syria, Spain, Colombia and Morocco participate and there are more than one show for some countries.

He added: The Committees of (arbitration, viewing, supreme, media and electronic administration) have been formed to organize the festival’s activities and include members of the finest specialists, academics and artists from Egypt, Syria, the Emirates, Morocco, Iceland, Kuwait and Tunisia in addition to Iraq.

Al-Hamdani continued, “Some of the works that arrived at the festival emulate the current circumstance related to quarantine, curfew, social distancing, health protection and stimulating awareness of health procedures, and some other educational, purposeful, constructive and scientific actions that are in harmony with the slide we present to the festival.

Source: National Iraqi News Agency

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