The Al-Shami businessman announces financial support for Gaza and opens the Al-Shami Girls School and the Fares Al-Shami Center for People with Disabilities

Ramallah - Together - The Palestinian businessman, owner and founder of the largest beauty empire in the world, Farouk System International (CHI) Group, announced that Dr. Farouk Al-Shami announced a group of financial donations amounting to tens of millions of dollars for the benefit of the Gaza Strip, which will be implemented in the near future, following the cessation of the war on the Gaza Strip, to support and support the people there. This came during a speech by the doctor at the opening of the Muhammad Al-Shami Basic School for Girls, and the Fares Al-Shami Association for Early Intervention for Children with Disabilities in his hometown of Beit Ur Al-Tahta, west of Ramallah, in the presence of the Governor of Ramallah and Al-Bireh, Dr. Laila Ghanem, and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Education, Dr. Nafie Assaf, the spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Sadiq Al-Khadour, and the Director General of Education, Dr. Nasr Abu Karsh, Palestinian businessman Tariq al-Natsheh, and the mayor of Beit U r al-Tahta, Dr. Hussein Alyan and representatives of official institutions and bodies and the local community. Dr. stressed. Al-Shami said that he has plans for a group of huge financial donations targeting the Gaza Strip, as part of his efforts to build, develop and develop, and aim to support the people in the Gaza Strip. As confirmed by Dr. Al-Shami said that he will open a series of companies in the Gaza Strip, to employ the people of the Strip, and to circulate money within the Gaza Strip, to stabilize citizens in their homeland, and prevent their immigration or displacement from the Strip. Dr. said. Al-Shami said that the school, the establishment of which was announced in honor of his father's spirit, includes 12 classrooms, other specialized rooms, resources, a courtyard, a hall, a garden, and health units, because his late father believed in the importance of education in building the Palestinian person capable of liberating his country. Dr. noted. Al-Shami pointed out that the Fares Al-Shami Cen ter for People with Disabilities and Autism aims to help, treat, and provide education, training, and rehabilitation for people with disabilities in the villages west of Ramallah, due to the importance of the role that this important group must play in Palestinian society, and to integrate them into society. The center includes classrooms, training rooms, and treatment rooms. Functional and psychological, and a swimming pool designated for people with mobility disabilities. Dr. called. Al-Shami called on Palestinian businessmen in the homeland and the diaspora to provide financial support to Palestine, and to allocate a portion of their profits to support their people, stressing that he makes many donations to Palestine, in the context of his national responsibility towards his people and his country. In turn, Dr. confirmed. Laila Ghannam The importance of this great achievement in building a new school and a center for people with disabilities, to serve the people of the West Ramallah and Al-Bireh region, so that this achievement is added to the achievements of businessman Dr. Al-Shami. Dr. added: Ghannam: 'We are facing two wonderful projects for future groups, and Al-Shami's contribution to supporting education confirms to the world that the blood of the Palestinian people that is flowing in Gaza and the West Bank is neither dearer nor more precious than money, and that the opening of the school is a continuation of the national march in Gaza and the West Bank, leading to the rebuilding and opening of schools.' And the universities of Gaza despite the brutality of this occupation.' Dr. confirmed. Ghannam: With the determination and determination of our people, the private sector, and all our institutions, we will soon rebuild our schools, universities, national institutions, and homes that the occupation turned into rubble in the Gaza Strip. Dr. praised. Ghanem Alaa Dr. Al-Shami is of great importance to people with disabilities by building a specialized and very advanced center that includes everything n ecessary to integrate people with disabilities into Palestinian society. She said: We thank the Al-Shami businessman who insisted on remaining a part of his investments in the homeland for this donation, and for his investment in building our schools and educational institutions that Factories are considered to belong to generations that love their homeland and land. It is noteworthy that Dr. Al-Shami, who lives in the United States of America, has allocated an amount of one hundred thousand dollars annually and for life to support education in Palestine, in memory of their deceased Dr. Jamil Al-Shami, his older brother. Source: Maan News Agency