OIC Secretary General Highlights Commitment to Muslim Women’s Rights at Jeddah Conference

Jeddah - Hissein Brahim Taha, the Secretary-General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), emphasized the organization's dedication to promoting and empowering Muslim women globally. This commitment was highlighted in his speech at the International Conference on Women in Islam: Status and Empowerment, hosted in Jeddah.

According to Saudi Press Agency, the OIC has taken significant steps towards advocating for the rights of Muslim women, exemplified by the adoption of the OIC Program of Action for the Advancement of Women (OPAAW). Regarded as a roadmap in Muslim societies, OPAAW aims to foster the advancement of women within the framework of Islamic values and principles.

In his address before the conference's opening session, Taha touched upon the plight of Palestinians in the face of Israeli aggression, emphasizing the particular impact on women, children, the elderly, and other civilians. He noted that the dire situation in Gaza represents a tragedy that demands concerted efforts to combat Israeli actions and defend the rights of Palestinian women, people, and sacred sites like Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Taha also affirmed the OIC's determination to continue a constructive dialogue to empower Afghan women, ensuring their right to education at all levels and participation in public life.

The OIC secretary-general highlighted the significance of the conference, stating that it "will remain a beacon in the OIC and participating bodies’ history for promoting and affirming women’s rights in Islam." He announced that the conference would adopt the Jeddah Document on Women’s Rights in Islam, which is expected to be a landmark declaration reinforcing the status and empowerment of Muslim women.