Jeddah Season Hosts Works by French Painter Monet

Riyadh: Jeddah Season is hosting famous works by the French painter Claude Monet, one of the most important painters throughout history, by holding the interactive exhibition "Imagine Monet." The exhibition features more than 200 paintings and offers a unique artistic experience that combines the originality of art and the development of modern technology in an atmosphere that mimics Monet's paintings. Impressionism created an aesthetic embodied by focusing on gradations of colour and light through techniques many of the independent artists of the Impressionist period adopted: short, broken brushstrokes that barely convey forms, pure, unblended colours, and an emphasis on the effects of light abolished the boundaries between colour and painting. Impressionist artists went out to nature rather than working in artistic studios and painted scenes inspired by everyday life and nature's transformations. Monet's importance has emerged in his remarkable ability for artistic renewal, coupled with his constant wor k that did not stop despite his advanced age, as well as his openness to non-European civilizations and arts, including Middle Eastern and Japanese arts. Source: Saudi Press Agency

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