“Japan Festival 2023” Opens in Riyadh with Cultural Exhibitions and Performances

RIYADH: Riyadh welcomed the start of the "Japan Festival 2023" on Friday at the Cultural Palace. The event, a collaboration between the Embassy of Japan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, JETRO Riyadh Office, and the Japanese Association, is held in cooperation with the Royal Commission for Riyadh City.

According to r Saudi Press Agency, the two-day festival, concluding on November 18, has attracted a substantial number of visitors, including Saudi families and residents of the Kingdom. The festival showcases a diverse range of Japanese culture and entertainment, aiming to strengthen cultural ties between Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Visitors to the festival can explore an exhibition featuring several Japanese companies. The event also features a blend of artistic and cultural displays, including anime singing concerts. These concerts are dedicated to some of Japan's most iconic characters, such as Captain Tsubasa and Grendizer, drawing in anime enthusiasts.

Additionally, the festival offers a glimpse into Japanese martial arts and self-defense techniques, with Aikido and Karate performances by children from the Japanese School. These demonstrations provide a unique opportunity for attendees to experience the discipline and artistry of these traditional practices.